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Trey Hughes, M.A., LPC

Trey is a  Reconnective Healing practitioner
and a licensed professional counselor with more than 30 years of experience in the mental health field. Trey’s extensive work with adolescents and adults has taught him the importance of being vulnerable and open, while speaking directly and honestly with
his clients.

Trey is aligned with the teachings of A Course in Miracles, which focuses on removing “blocks” to the awareness of love’s presence. Rather than viewing others as sick or broken, Trey sees all people as magnificent, spiritual beings, who have the power to heal and create their lives in any way they choose. His work focuses on helping clients learn to accept and love themselves, and change false and negative interpretations. Trey has found that incorporating Reconnective Healing often produces a profound shift of perception in the mind, which allows for wellness in all areas.

About Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is hands-off energy work wherein the practitioner acts as a catalyst to connect to the Reconnective Healing spectrum, comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information. 

The Reconnective Healing frequencies work on our DNA, acupuncture meridians, and the light field or grid surrounding us and extending out from our meridian lines. The RH frequencies connect “us” with higher vibrational frequencies, which in turn act on our DNA and biofields. The RH frequencies are intelligent and “know” where to go and what areas to affect. The practitioner’s role is to bring both client and RH frequencies together, and then step out of the way so that the RH frequencies can act directly on the client, without any ego or interference from the practitioner.

 Reconnective Healing reestablishes the fullness of our health potential, healing on all levels simultaneously, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or any other level of which we are not aware. Reconnective Healing brings you back to an optimal state of balance and continues to work with you long after your session has ended.



Craig Ellis, M.A., L.P.C

As a therapist, facilitator, and speaker, Craig’s mission is to see beyond the literal, cause-and-effect explanations of everyday symptoms and situations, and explore the essence of the matter, offering a different, often symbolic perspective of what may really be going on. He believes that all sickness is homesickness and separation, and all healing is essentially homecoming – a reconnection to Spirit, Self, and purpose.

Craig has an M.A. in clinical counseling, and is a licensed professional counselor in Texas, where he has been in private practice for 20 years. His perspective as a practitioner is informed by his early training as a scientist and engineer, followed by his many years as a bodyworker and somatic therapist. His psycho-therapeutic approach with individuals and groups involves elements of existential, transpersonal, positive psychology, and mind-body modalities. The ultimate goal in any therapy or process, he believes, is not merely to identify and fix what is wrong, but to help people reconnect with ultimate Truth, and live authentic and meaningful lives that are uniquely right for them.

Craig is father to two grown sons, and grandfather of two. He is an avid baseball player, hiker, nature lover, and adventure-seeker who is endlessly curious and committed to lifelong learning.

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The the king of podcasting.  The man with the plan and the vulnerability to match it!  He is so beyond ego he has gone to a new dimension.